06/11/18 w/ Julien Dechery & DJ Sundae

06/11/18 w/ Julien Dechery & DJ Sundae

Sentimental music connoisseurs Julien Dechery and DJ Sundae return [2014] for the second last ever Noise In My Head broadcast. I’m forever indebted to the Parisian duo for bringing Sky Girl into my life, a compilation that still floors me as it did the first time, hundreds of listens later. Since the 2016 release, Sundae has been overseeing Idle Press, a label that’s only active when deemed absolutely necessary, while co-presenting No Weapon Is Absolute on NTS alongside Cosmo Vitelli. Julien Dechery continues to contribute to Efficient Space, recently assembling a retrospective of French modern classical composer Sebastian Gandera.

Photo by Laura Lot


masami tsuchiya – never mind
elysian spring – blue sands
dwayne cannan – one forty eight
the kiwi animal – just how close
robert haigh – andante (for strings, piano, percussion)
felt – evergreen dazed
die hornissen – pale blue eyes
anne clark – echoes remain forever
errol h. tout – as darkness falls
something else – let me say now love
lachelle – purple hearts
duppi – はつねつのみやこ
helen ripley-marshall – green chaos
salut – sight in light
mark springer – krix
sebastian gandera – quand natalia peint

**julien dechery & dj sundae mix**

eroc – nebelwelt
jeff – le hamac
windy & carl – mechanism
aubry schwarz – five women
the ecstasy of saint theresa – her eyes have it
prins emanuel – i skyn
yo la tengo – take care
Стук Бамбука в 11 часов – Береговая Осень
a gethsemani – cherree
alicia may – borderline
the entourage music & theatre ensemble – days
pablo’s eye – a long standing dream
mono – holy
maxine funke – white birds
a produce – smile on the void
gigi masin – three bridges
psychic tv – lady maybe

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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