23/10/18 w/ Gavin Rayna Russom

23/10/18 w/ Gavin Rayna Russom

For this third last show, Pjenné joins me for a quick B2B before a guest mix from Gavin Rayna Russom – LCD Soundsystem’s highly accomplished synthesist, responsible for the mind-bending custom-built electronics of Black Meteoric Star and former collaborations with Delia Gonzalez and The Crystal Ark.

For me, first encountering Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom in the mid-00s was an absolute revelation. By far the most experimental of the DFA stable at the time, their interviews exposed me to new thinking and a strange world inhabited by the likes of Meredith Monk and Coffin Joe. While reflecting on Noise In My Head’s arc, I also think back to when Tim Sweeney previewed Black Meteoric Star in the 3RRR studio – a thrill that I’m forever chasing. I’m grateful that Rayna has always been incredibly generous with her time and energy, making herself available for our parties while in Melbourne with LCD, recording three mixes and even contributing an illustration to our 6th anniversary group art show.

This month you can find her DJing across America with Nancy Whang for the Ladies Of LCD Soundsystem tour. She also features on the new Mutant Beat Dance album.

Photo by Jordan Rathkopf


48 cameras – les lieux
dark network – sliding windows
m.i. 5 – airplains
quark kent – you, me and the moon
a split second – drinking sand
martin j birkenstock – blackland (behind the curtain)
andrea parker – undercurrents
x-asp – p69
strange parcels & bim sherman – more is insane
16bit – hi score (12″ dub mix)
toupee vs other people’s children – seedy films
inxa – somebody said
ensemble pittoresque – the mouthshut

**gavin rayna russom ‘dance excursions’ mix**

catherine ribeiro + alpes – prélude médiéval
django & maria – rock ‘n’ roll is bigger than all of us
caroline k – animal lattice
schaltkreis wassermann – space shuttle
beate bartel – montreal disco
job sifre – bestaan
aviador dro – amor industrial
helena hauff – sea shore acid
black seed – weirdness of being
kings of agreppo – agreppo
identified patient/sophie du palais – peaceful panic
doris norton – warzawar
rational youth – close to nature
zwischenwelt – telemetric
jabba’s palace band – lapti nek

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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