09/10/18 w/ Pender Street Steppers

09/10/18 w/ Pender Street Steppers

I’ve drawn out this goodbye long enough for Pender Street Steppers to make another house call. Continuing an Australian tour ritual [2015, 2015 and 2017], this B2B doubled as a hangout with Yahna on the hot pot and Hashman on the couch. Please enjoy it with your favourite company. There are only three more broadcasts to go but don’t stress – Penders recently started their own monthly NTS show.

Image by our oldest contributor Thomas Jeppe.


powder – 0353
the ullulators – beyond the gates of vii
people plus – o.s.c.1.
vanderschrick – ongehoord
holy terra – blue world
d.e. – giant step (club mix)
valesuchi – golosynth
czw – proper motion
section 25 – inspiration
jah wobble – blow out
new order – ruined in a day (reunited in a day remix)
saint etienne – railway jam
larry tee – deja vu
curt cress – dschung tek
wally badarou – novela das nove
lorele├» – je ferai tout
pet shop boys – we all feel better in the dark (after hours climax)
candles – there’s your baby
kuniyuki – all those things (theo parrish mix)
peter brandt’s method – what you are
steve beresford, david toop, john zorn, tonie marshall – sitting in the park/snow blood
your road
imagine 2k18
phoebe cates – feels so good (feels so right)
projection – turn your love around (right around)
revelation – with you boy
bradford – faraway lady


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