11/09/18 w/ Lena Willikens & Vladimir Ivkovic

11/09/18 w/ Lena Willikens & Vladimir Ivkovic

Two magnificent minds from Düsseldorf’s paranormal music haven Salon des Amateurs, returning in sync. Lena Willikens, being no stranger to radio with her monthly NTS show Lightning Conductor and Cómeme archive Sentimental Flashback, has recently collaborated on the audiovisual drama Phantom Kino Ballett and compiled Dekmantel Selectors’ most necessary volume. Vladimir Ivkovic has continued to release uncompromising experimental music via Offen Music, connecting the openminded to his strange surroundings, while celebrating the life work of Mitar Subotić. This B2B is the serpent tail of a microdot session recorded at Ankali in Prague earlier this year. A private encounter for an unseen crowd obscured by smoke.


socialistisches patienten kollektiv – genetic transmission
kim byoung duk – shaman tree
the creatures – inoa’ ole
davy kehoe – storm desmond
inxs – prehistoria
calendar crowd – perfect hideaway (dub)
london underground – strange things
shiny two shiny – ritual hate
another – paris tribe
annelies monseré – your bones, your skin
carola baer – maker of me

**lena willikens x vladimir ivkovic, ankali, prague 8.6.18**

the infinity project – mystical experiences
uluru – pressure of speech
b12 – more than one (redcell remix)
general ludd – drum circle
indy nyles – blk sol
ptv / andrew weaterall – re-united (mix 4)
gudrun gut – die sonne (effective force mix)
phenomyna – got the urge
the new london school of electronic – off
coil – things we never had (black antlers)
kode9 – 9 samurai

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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