25/09/18 w/ Biscuit + Tom Of England

25/09/18 w/ Biscuit + Tom Of England

Only words from me this fortnight, making room for Biscuit and Tom of England – two special synchronised energies. Noise In My Head was a real family affair during the years of broadcasting live on 3RRR FM and Biscuit was at of the core of this, always present, ghost mixing us through many smoke breaks to no credit. Now stationed in Seignosse, he’s absorbed in his mystical cassette, dub plate and t-shirt label Good Morning Tapes, uniting a network of open-minded, life-loving artists. It’s an honour to have him take control of the opening hour.

Part two is a celebration with the stars finally aligning for a contribution from Tom of England. Tom has long had us bugging out over his endless incarnations – Rub N Tug, Welcome Stranger, Map Of Africa, Laughing Light of Plenty, Food of the Gods, STD productions etc. The genuine article and a lawless DJ of the highest calibre. This session was recorded after hours at an empty Sameheads in Berlin. One take, one off, one love.


**biscuit mix**

tashi wada with yoshi wada & friends – aubade
phew – scat
teleric – metasplice
ismo laakso – smell
laurel halo – the sick mind
jake muir – green eyes
tashi wada with yoshi wada & friends – litany
dorothy carter – summer rhapsody
mnapi – bwicoming (edit)
max loderbauer & jacek sienkiewicz – west ridge
33.10.3402 – 131 cassa
panchasila – salt
khotin – frog fractions
feel real good (edit)
brainticket – radagacuca
critical rhythm – eastern breeze
tapes – silence please
kajyadhi fu bushi

**tom of england mix**

jura soundsystem – pharoah intro
white label 7″
the last poets – tribute to obabi (ogun)
jayda g & laylay – monroe bumpa
enforcer – ride on marcus (dub)
tom of england – sniffin @ the griffin
stephen encinas – lypso illusion
h.a.n.d. #1 – white label
south shore commission – free man (frankie knuckles tape edit)
tom of england – care to destroy
tom of england – anna 12″ mix

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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