28/08/18 w/ Lovefingers

28/08/18 w/ Lovefingers

Another jam packed celebration for the replay. Solidifying a tradition of recording B2B2Bs with AZ (Revelation Time) and Norio (Rare Groove) when in Osaka, Part One was taped during a recent visit. Regular contributors to NIMH [2012, 2012, 2014, 2017, 2017], Eiji and Norio’s knowledge, taste and friendship has had an immeasurable impact on us.

Similarly, it’s hard not to trace many roads back to Lovefingers when reflecting on this journey. In our coming of age, his website was a portal to another universe – a mind-accelerating track of the day feed and mix series that first connected us to the likes of Chee Shimizu, Tako, Phuong-Dan, Jonny Nash, Alexis Le-Tan, Vidal Benjamin and Invisible City. The ESP Institute leader spent countless summers in Melbourne, recording three heavy in-studio excursions [2010, 2010, 2012]. Taking over Part Two with his ghost inna machine dubby tech, Lovefingers is a mandatory inclusion in our funeral procession.

[Photo by Thomas Jeppe]


steve hiett – by the pool (demo)
nelson angelo – harmonia da água
synagetic voice orchestra – a tale (A)
adi – co-cu-u (A)
mort garson ‎– rhapsody in green (N)
l.a. jenkins – talk city (N)
romie singh ‎- dancing to forget
delaney/venn – cub dub
toshifumi hinata – marrakesh sundown (A)
rael – arrive to my life (A)
mari sekine – ao (N)
tongs international orchestra – sonca (N)
operating theatre – rampwalk
name – do we all need love?

**lovefingers mix**

melencolia v
ondo fudd x2
talking to the spirits
weird weather
ketjak (80 million snakes)
padded cell
wires smoking
samba oscura

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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