14/08/18 w/ Andrew Morgan

14/08/18 w/ Andrew Morgan

This episode goes out to all of the DC crew! The impending doom of Noise In My Head broadcasting was FINALLY enough to coax a mix out of Andrew Morgan – the smooth operator behind benchmark label People’s Potential Unlimited and Earcave, an online store that has given us many defining NIMH cuts. A master detective and curator who sleeve designs, restores, masters and distributes the most twisted outsider funk imaginable, Morgan has also been a necessary early champion of Pender Street Steppers, Yu Su, Beautiful Swimmers, Harvey Sutherland and Dreamcast. Maintaining a low profile that some liken to the Yeti, he cares so little for the game that he once ate a sandwich while playing Boiler Room, footage of which mysteriously corrupted. A true OG.

Before the main event, Maryouss (Sleep D/Butter Sessions/Research Records) and I light up for our much talked about dub session, christening a prototype of the Pound System Hydro Delay 1000 dub siren.


bullwackie – bay bridge
itopia – sunshine
jahtari riddim force – international dub
techniques all stars – version
ub40 – gator (instrumental)
billy boyo – one spliff a day
prince jazzbo – ital corner
carlton livingston – western kingston dub
qaballah steppers – majesty dub
singers & players – resolution
prince jazzbo – replay version
fabian ‎- prophecy
kofi – didn’t i
the tamlins – people make the world go round

**andrew morgan (ppu/earcave) mix**

ppu-095 – we came to party
ppu-095 – hotter
leroy ace miller – you used to call me
uku kuut & maryn – wild men (instrumental)
ppu-093 – my keyboards
silver sargent – handwriting on the wall
dani be’ – i get off
sunlight orchestra – in heat
rick stone – since i saw her
vishion – off the tracks
the craftsman – your summer dream
earline owens – stone to the bone
lisa marie bryant – a people trying to say

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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