17/07/18 w/ Instant Peterson + Andras

17/07/18 w/ Instant Peterson + Andras

Full disclosure – I’ve been pillaging Instant Peterson and András’ playlists for ages and (possibly?) getting away with it. Two of my favourite ears in this orbit, our overlapping interests first came into contact during the 3RRR days, shortly before they started their own show Strange Holiday. Back then it felt like we were speaking the same language but when I hear their weekly program now, its clear that they’ve sped light years ahead – I don’t recognise a thing and am left in constant awe.

On top of being inspirational friends, the two play a thankless role in helping me out at Efficient Space, programming Midnite Spares and it’s soon to be announced sequel 3AM Spares. Needless to say, András was also the catalyst for the most recent Waak Waak Djungi re-release.

Thanks for everything Andy and Lewis.


baba stiltz – physical beef
honeysmack – breakdancer, i love you
from – euphorbia
swordfish – the get on (the dub on)
synapse interrupt – beyond therapy
spooky – little bullet (dum dum mix)
mystic institute – ob-selon mi-nos (re-painted by global communication)
steven legget – siga-siga
baba stiltz – top model
oliver coates – lime
andreas leifeld – le poison
low flung – exotic dirt (blend 43 dub)
hydroplane – international exiles

**instant peterson + andras mix**

forest silence – the face of silence
aube + m.b. – saisei
virgo – last moment
nightmare lodge – false light – segment b (piano version)
burzum – runar munt bu finna
louis haiman – night of the dark sol
starved – intro
striborg – the ambivalence of ambiguity
nicholas langley – the weather on the fields
thanatophobia – night
justice – faith+reason
horchata – somatic
scorn – put your weight on it
andrew pinches – the navigator
moata omen – obscurity in dreams
siegmar fricke – in good shape
the reels – cry
ulver – not saved

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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