22/05/18 w/ Kreme

22/05/18 w/ Kreme

Kreme is one half of penultimate devotional dub duo CS + Kreme, performance pranksters Bum Creek and F Ingers – his murky collaboration with Tarquin Manek and Carla dal Forno. 10 years ago, he recorded a live NIMH session of UR related material at the 3RRR studio. The mix had a big impact on me but was only ever broadcast to the late night FM audience, predating this online archive. A decade later, a new and improved Kreme returns for prosperity.

* Image by Thomas Jeppe


ros bandt – ocean bells
joe hisaishi & square orchestra – apollon dream
once – dream of the m
günther beckers – dritter monat
andy rantzen & d. sudmalis – barren ground
rex ilusivii – facedance
untitled – untitled
one tongue – 1945
codona – lullaby

**kreme mix**

keith jarrett – vision
mr fingers – outer acid
reedale rise – eternal rise
detroit escalator company – fate (as a chasm)
2814 – 真実の恋
michael brook – ultramarine
john surman – changes of season
rene hall – the bridge
s k – argument of tape
lieven r.j. moana – spirits and landscapes
arild andersen, nana vasconcelos, ralph towner – the voice
claude young – impolite to refuse (edit)
tnc1 – gute freiziet
e unity – unknown graffito
forest drive west – escape

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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