27/02/18 w/ Kate Miller

27/02/18 w/ Kate Miller

Welcoming back Melbourne DJ Kate Miller who’s been living in Berlin since 2011. Proving herself at the controls of ://about blank, Panorama Bar, Stattbad etc, she’s now the curator and resident for quarterly party Oscillate (this month’s edition boasts an epic lineup of Bufiman, Izabel, Johanna Knutsson, Karen Gwyer and Objekt). She also presents two shows alongside Knutsson on Lichtenberg station Cashmere Radio – broadcasting pensive electronics as Low Power FM and club NRG as High Power FM. Here she’s given us more of the latter, a mangled mix of electro, leftfield and broken techno.


boards of canada – telephasic workshop
renegade soundwave – recognise and respond
lego feet – part 2
ju-ju – the happy dance
renegade soundwave – the phantom
us – born in the north
legowelt – gotoburg jacks
format – solid session
spk – metal dance
q lazzarus – goodbye horses (demo 1)

** kate miller mix **

b12 – paradroid
move d – cymbelin
mfb – mein peas
credit 00 – on hold
eden777 – you can’t make your heart feel something it won’t
hymns – magna (slow mix) (unreleased)
exzakt – off course
illektrolab – subfreaked
kangaroo skull – black shore
dbridge – digital dread
yak – showdown
kowton – jam01 (beneath remix)
senate – chambers
plant43 – gj 1214b

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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