13/03/18 w/ Tourist Kid

13/03/18 w/ Tourist Kid

An artist who deserves more attention, Rory Glacken aka Tourist Kid has been modestly creating some of the best otherworldy sound and electronic composition, self-described as “computer shoegaze”. Inspired by early AM post-clubbing commutes and informed by coming to terms with tinnitus, his previous releases have come via This Thing and Perth powerhouse Good Company. Rewarding patience with a new body of work each calendar year, 2018 now promises the Melody As Truth album ‘Crude Tracer‘. This fortnight’s headphone masterpiece was nonchalantly recorded in our living room as I quizzed him on every track.


tourist kid – petrol
david chesworth – bells of leipzig
fred frith – fall to call
once – the hush
boris kovac – ritual: transilvanian wheel
andy summers – mysterious barricades
pablo’s eye – a long standing dream
sun city girls – vine street piano (orchestral)
felt – magellan
branka parlic – pièces froides – danse de travers no.2
skylab – next
tommy mandel – kin tama

**tourist kid mix**

glenn rogers, peter morse, val tarin – nemesis
the flying lizards – an age
heath brenner – vdub
tourist kid – fields (unreleased)
v.d.b. joel – liquid quartz
sea urchin – yaqaza
jac berrocal – minuit la nuit
vic coppersmith heaven – pengosekan
scott johnson – involuntary songs (beginning)
the blue nile edit
sjunne ferger – reality
randall kennedy – smith’s room
martha and the muffins – swimming
la doulce vita – das model
geile tiere – place des alpes
modern jazz – neon tubes
j walker – resentment rose
dierehe – side b
olivier rogg – m7

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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