05/12/17 w/ Raphael Top Secret

05/12/17 w/ Raphael Top Secret

Back in 2012, elite French digger Raphael Top Secret gifted us his opus 7 Inches of Pleasure, a mix that had a profound effect on me and will be forever associated with my favourite living room. Then tooling around with edits for Noncollective and Macadam Mambo, he’s since entered the production realm, recording with Nelson Bishop and Antinote supergroup 18 Rays, the latter responsible for this year’s highlight. His new mix, taped on tour in Australia, shifts from couch-sunk reggae to club heaters. Music From Memory have just announced that Raph and Jamie Tiller will be the architects of their next compilation ‘Uneven Paths: Deviant Pop From Europe 1980-1991’, featuring 20 tracks of unusual pop music.


william eaton – a1
g.b. beckers – walkman
carlos maria trindade & nuno canavarro – plan
karen marks – you bring these things
yu su – highland way to my heart
enid wallace – sweet lips (version)
patti shaw – somebody pulled the switch (disco)
yasmin alexander – keep on moving
little kirk – ghetto people broke (version)
dip in the pool – a seeker
heilige 3 konigekom – lass und heiraten (remix)
harold faltermeyer – captain freedom’s workout walking man (k.k. edit)
nile rodgers – stay out of the light

**raphael top secret live mix**

tony gad – ganja man (version)
michael prophet – body fusion
foxy brown – just another night
annette brissett – get up & dance
david & corine – loose control
kinkina – jungle fever (megamix)
don richard – terceira estação
kwi – léwoz
… – el barrio
blue vertigo – abadan (monday morning mix)
craig t. cooper – i’m home
bell & dre – she’s gotta have it (club house instrumental)
tnf – american dream
dulce quental – viver (garage dub version)
daphne – when you love someone (groove instrumental)
angélique kidjo – wé wé (dub king’s dub)
mbg – the quiet
arthur russell – let’s go swimming (gulf stream dub)

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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