24/10/17 w/ Intergalactic Gary

24/10/17 w/ Intergalactic Gary

A regular fixture of pirate radio and the unforgettable Cybernetic Broadcasting System, Intergalactic Gary is no stranger to radio. Born John Scheffer in Wellington, New Zealand, the Den Haag based DJ has been modesty chipping away at his own take on techno, italo and electro for three decades. Alongside I-F, who calls him a “terminator”, he was responsible for the now-classic Viewlexx releases from The Parallax Corporation and The Conservatives. He doesn’t play the hype game but thanks to growing interest in the Dutch scene, prominent festival bookings and seminal video streams, a new generation is marvelling at Scheffer’s skill and selection.


céline gillain – youth and beauty
as longitude – pink is orange
cvbox – sh7 sht
système – système
andy rantzen – beacon hill
o yuki conjugate – disco song
eoism – suburban life
i-f – torment
andreuccio torelli – this not is to game
the danse society – say it again (extended danse mix)
neud photo – ovid

**intergalactic gary mix**

biosphere – turned to stone
adrian younge – patterns
the black dog – frisbee skip
ford proco/coil – ecuación de las estrellas
jules venturini – never ever changes
the smoke clears – where you go i go
praah – luxor equinox
jimi bazzouka – echoes
the black dog – nommo
fuse – a new day
transilvanian galaxi – rock on
piece – free your mind (past)
biotrans – manna
the detroit escalator company – abstract forward motion
credit oo – breakers revengex
job sifre – flotter
as one – return of the kingpin
randy barrakuda & stiletti-ana – mlipuke (clatterbox remix)

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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