10/10/17 w/ Yu Su

10/10/17 w/ Yu Su

A letter from our Vancouver pen pal Yu Su. Moving from Kaifeng, China to study at the University Of British Columbia, Yu has been making her presence known with the masterful psychedelic triptych on Wichelroede (a split cassette with CS + Kreme) and Tullio De Piscopo-sampled aquatic jazz on People’s Potential Unlimited. She’s also one half of hallucinatory electronic duo You’re Me. This bumpin’ guest mix was recorded live at the club, on a bill with our good pals Liam Butler and Tornado Wallace.


yu su – soon (moa mix)
nomad – sang-froid
x-men – make it so (vocal)
index – give me a sign (rnb mix)
sisters underground – in the neighbourhood (sisters on the boulevarde dub)
dawit & dolo – rise
cabaret voltaire – inside the electronic revolution
detromental – rewind (rebuilt)
space knight – staying in
mind of kane – out of control
micronism – rainbow city
andras – 40k
i:cube – pooh pah (herbert fibre mix)

**yu su mix**

bolis pupul – moon theme
tranquility bass – cantamilla
mayan voyager (from voyager ep)
roman flügel – giant talking vegetable (original mix)
golden teacher – no hemos vivido
le club – un fait divers et rien de plus
grooveman spot – fork power (original mix)
pletnev – on fire
yu su – make your escape
khamis henkesh – el disco
pearson sound – wad
anthony nicholson – funk d’elegance (drums of passion mix)
detroit swindle – future imperfect (original mix)
emanual jal – kuar (olof dreijer rémis)
dj duke – tribal journey (earth mix)

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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