29/08/17 w/ Andrew Thomson (Huntleys + Palmers)

29/08/17 w/ Andrew Thomson (Huntleys + Palmers)

The table is set with Andrew Thomson – founder of label and party series Huntleys + Palmers. Now celebrating it’s 10 year milestone, the label has steadily drip fed releases from Mehmet Aslan, inimitable duo Smagghe and Cross, Peter Scion, Auntie Flo and Lena Willikens’ remixes. Thomson best explains how his guest mix circles back to the Glasgow institution’s early days:

“Prior to starting H+P and I’m sure like many others reading this, I used to make compilation CD’s for my pals which included all my recent discoveries and treasures. By the time the parties got underway, I put together Volume 1 & 2 of Huntleys + Palmers Audio Club. Burning 200 CD’s – one at a time on my dad’s PC – wrapping them with the centrepiece picture from the daily Guardian newspaper and fastened with a wee sticker directing the listener to Myspace which had the tracklist and party details on there. I placed these at various shops and bars in Glasgow and waited for the response, which was overwhelmingly positive! Every now and again to this day someone will bring up these CD’s and how much they enjoyed and still play them.

Unfortunately they were too time consuming to continue and regular promotion quickly began to take over my life, but I’ve always been meaning to put together something similar to what was on there and what they would sound like now. This mix is pretty close to resembling that with music spanning as many decades, genres and continents – long time favourites galore!! I recently attended a Scott Walker concert during the Proms and have had his wonderful songs filling my head since, so had to include something by him.”


ippu-do – never mind
this mortal coil – acid, bitter and sad
uakti – a lenda
daniel melingo – narigon (matom atacama geographia reinterpretation)
tv victor – tomorrow
der kundalini – and we begin
itch-e & scratch-e – to the islands (manhattan mix)
warp factor 9 – the atmospherian (extended)
millions brazilians – vi
bruce gilbert – eline cout ii
veranda culture – allodynia

**andrew thomson mix**

heather the dancing girl
scott & gerry
glasgow tainted spirit
i arp gothenburg
redacted joyce
sobol slleb
orange reactor
long time listener

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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