15/08/17 w/ Principal Blackman

15/08/17 w/ Principal Blackman

School’s in session with Chapter Music founder Principal Blackman. An integral part of my musical DNA, Chapter is an institution 25 years in the making – the foundation for new talent including Twerps, Andras and Oscar, NO ZU and Holy Balm, as well as superbly executed reissue projects from Asphyxiation, Smokey, Kath Bloom, The Cannanes and Tully (not to forget the Can’t Stop It compilations that blew my fragile mind many moons ago!). Guy has put together a special mix of old tapes and home recorded vinyl with cheap drum machines. An all-Australian selection excusing a momentary detour to New Zealand.


tim gruchy, terry murphy, linda wallace – candy
pelican daughters – insect wings
psychic tv – elipse of flowers (thanks laurent!)
spk – white island
bruce gilbert – epitaph for henran brenlar
werkbund – neuer rungholter tanz 4
urang otan – walking in the jungle
slugfuckers – dolphins aren’t fish
synthetic dream – work
in embrace – the longer living daylights
donno detti – automation (live at the espy 18/03/83)
de kreet – de zus van adeline
18 days – I feel like rain
stephen mallinder – del sol
headless chickens – throwback
david chesworth – schoolbooks decide

**principal blackman – cheap pulses mix**

de vie – unknown
southern latvian barbecue – astral escapes
suzette – ………
german humour – maybe you could read my mind
david chesworth – i just thought
yclept dinmakers – yclept enemy
xero – just another nite at a party
stiff herbert – i could hit the ceiling
tangled shoelaces – indulgence
aural indifference – baby love
kathleen stewart – tears of the world
karen marks – you bring these things
scribble – mother of pearl

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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