01/08/17 w/ Leo James

01/08/17 w/ Leo James

Since last appearing on the show to celebrate our 10th anniversary and the launch of his label Body Language, Leo James’ slow burning techno cut ups have continued to turn heads with two more self-releases, as well as cuts for Berceuse Heroique and Neubau. We finally converged again for a long threatened B2B in anticipation of his next body mover (out 28 August).


omertà – la voix de l’araignée
polyphonic size – je t’ai toujours aimée (l)
y create – i don’t want to be
golden mean – resonance (toxic mix) (l)
john t. gast – wygdn_bashmenttk9
drvg cvltvre – hermes russia (l)
david michael cross – future man
trevor jackson – pgbpm 1 (l)
lydia tomkiw – hot june evening
its immaterial – space (he called from the kitchen) (l)
brenda and the beachballs – wait
david harrow – no easy target (l)
robitiko rejekto – rejekto (us dub)
rational youth – city of night (l)
d’arcangelo – diagram vii (80’s mx)
smersh – kiss me stupid (l)
ensemble pittoresque – the mouthshut
zarkoff x ikonal x dino tm – waiting room elegy (l)
sharif laffrey – always
ossia – tumult (lurka remix) (l)
lanark artefax – touch absence
portion control – thrust angle (l)
leo james – capital (l)
pedrodollar – money money money


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