04/07/17 w/ Lipelis

04/07/17 w/ Lipelis

We’ve been chasing this one for a few years now – Moscow’s music maniac in the house! Preferring to focus on original production, edits and remixes, Lipelis rarely records DJ mixes but we finally managed to sweet talk him into one during a recent Melbourne visit.

Lipelis’ studio fixations have left us in awe, from his one-take higher power jams as TMO to his crafty edits on L.I.E.S. and Bahnsteig 23. He’s also responsible for criminally underrated remixes of MacDonald Flak And The Ack-Ack Pack, Wolfram and Auntie Flo, often presenting labels with two to three different but equally brilliant reinterpretations.

Cheers for breaking your mix drought on us Leo! (Thanks is also due to Myles Mac for the Space Echo)


pedrodollar – u gotta do what u gotta do
andy rantzen – rock steady
krikor – ninos matadores
minoru ‘hoodoo’ fushimi – furarete
becker – stegmann – zeumer – mein tanzlied
maria kozic & the mk sound – manimal (special remixed version)
chee shimizu – yuku yuku
b12 – play with me
tryphème – mélo-dramatique
nv – binasu
red light go – the world together
yabby you – conquering lion (dub plate mix)

**lipelis mix**

no playlist this time

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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