06/06/17 w/ Toni Yotzi

06/06/17 w/ Toni Yotzi

Toni Yotzi has played a crucial role in developing Perth into a thriving club metropolis, programming Camp Doogs’ sunrise rave, co-hosting Disco Science on RTR FM and presenting parties for Kenji Takimi, Bell Towers and DJ Nozaki. Now based in Melbourne, she’s established herself as one of the most open minded DJs on the local circuit, immortalised by a legendary Inner Varnika set that saw her fearlessly transition from Jon Hassell to jungle, memphis rap and Bristol bass. We relive some of these moments with Yotzi at the controls.


alien headspace – great theme (thanks instant peterson!)
steve reich / pat metheny – electric counterpoint
durutti column – experiment in fifth
photek – kanei
u-ziq – preero
andy rantzern – green man
mad professor – 6 million dub
bourbonese qualk – according to plan
jah wobble – fading

**toni yotzi mix**

hyperborea – a chance passing
laila sakini + lucy van – deep end
oregon – impending bloom
ta-ha – lil bit
j. walker – nylon nectarine
smersh – m appeal
eleventeen eston – northbridge nightly
dean blunt – benidorm
rian treanor – damage b2
reef prince – abalonely b0i (prod. dj hame)
aldi discount edits – produZion
peverelist – sheer chance matters
powder – busy port (original mix)
sun ra – sleeping beauty
teresa winter – cannot look
ginji ito – ????
rebecca sugar – ending theme (gem glow)

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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