23/05/17 w/ Çaykh

23/05/17 w/ Çaykh

I first came across Çaykh via his cassette mix on Golden Pudel’s V I S label – the penultimate psychedelic experience. When I invited the German percussionist to record another session of brain fried experimental and free music, this hit my inbox within 48 hours. None of this “I’ll do it in two years time” or “I just need to wait for 8 more records to arrive in the mail” – the edge of insanity, captured in a flash. Çaykh, aka Nicolas Sheikholeslami, recently traveled to Somalia to finalise ‘Sweet As Broken Dates: Lost Somali Tapes from the Horn of Africa’, a forthcoming compilation for Ostinato Records. He’s also part of DJ duo and Berlin event series Seltene Erden (Rare Earths).


magic carpathians – thalassa
pep llopis – nits de cristall
sandra bell – crossing the tide
norma o’malley – some tame gazelle
the kiwi animal – just how close
martin hannett & steve hopkins – collective project
bourbonese qualk – let it go
the systematics – midnight on balancing day
death in june – crush my love
borghesia – lini je sile
stereolab – ronco symphony
mica levi – tears
june11 – who is still dreaming?
spiritualized – angel sigh (take two) (merci julien dechery!)

**çaykh mix**

wilco – art of almost
birgé gorgé – cxlii
michael brook, brian eno & daniel lanois – earth floor
marran gosov – daneben
o yuki conjugate – missing brain scan
tim blake – last ride of the boogie child (çaykh edit)
horse gives birth to fly – conradass
d. zhantsanchoy – mongolian traditional
hsiao ming – hong kong instrumental music
23 skidoo – language (dub)
miles davis – he loved him madly
razen – reaper (çaykh edit)
fløg – surgery 42-1
david bowie & brian eno – subterraneans
bengt berger – nada

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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