11/04/17 w/ LNS

11/04/17 w/ LNS

LNS pounds through a one hour set of electro, bleep and d’n’b. Mind bending club shit played at furious speeds. I could barely keep up. Another talented producer putting Vancouver on the map, LNS’ neon-noir hardware experiments manifested a cassette album on 1080p and have found her initiated in Jayda G and Fett Burger’s Freakout Cult. Begging for more? Her Libramix and Trushmix sets are the answer!


the other people place – it’s your love
tim jackiw – night watch
sort joey – love your tracks
camp inc – william, this is really dubbed
richard h kirk – more (version)
transmetteur 16 – f.f.y.d. ? (tenidac y.c.)
overmow – convulsions
ilaria – anima (hg ex edit)
quazar – day-glo
gat decor – passion
age of chance – times up (timeless)
steril – my homecomputer

**lns mix**

no tracklist!

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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