14/02/17 w/ Tako

14/02/17 w/ Tako

From the comfort of our living room in Melbourne, here’s two hours of a very casual back-to-back with Tako. A founder of Amsterdam institution Red Light Records, Tako is now fully focused on Music From Memory and Second Circle, two gold standard imprints run in cahoots with Jamie Tiller and Abel Nagengast, as well as the Greek music archive Into The Light. This session reaches dizzying heights thanks to label previews from an 18-year old Kuniyuki Takahashi, Gaussian Curve’s Jonny Nash, Swiss bedroom musician Michal Turtle and new Second Circle recruit Androo. Music From Memory’s latest arrival also gets attention – the John Gómez curated set of Brazilian ambient, jazz-fusion and minimal electronics ‘Outro Tempo’.

Photo by Thomas Jeppe


kuniyuki – unreleased ^
michal turtle – unreleased ^
john watermann – seeking perfection in somersaults
blam blam blam – respect
j. walker – basted salami ^
androo – 2000 & universe ^
ewan jansen – motif of a fish
vito ricci – the lotus leafs on the lake
priscilla ermel – gestos de equilíbrio ^
jonny nash – unreleased ^
john t gast – celtfunk
errol h tout – metaphoric allusions
geoffrey landers – don’t push away ^
degrees of freedom – august is an angel
dub oven – dub oven ^
masumi hara – kiminoyume
iam sam – talk to me (i can hear you now) ^
drugs of the nation (ivan smagghe edit)
sano – la grúa (the interview remix by tolouse low trax remix) ^
thierry de mey – rosas danst rosas ^
pelican daughters – unreleased
a.c. marias – some thing
this kind of punishment – reaching an end

^ selected by tako


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