20/12/17 w/ EYE

20/12/17 w/ EYE

As the end of year lists continue to roll in, its easy to miss recent essentials that haven’t had enough time to marinate. One album that shouldn’t be neglected is EYE’s vinyl debut on Knekelhuis. Recorded at her Rennes home in France, ‘Sabine’ swings between futurist paranoia and serene dreamworlds, following a string of self-released cassettes on her Waving Hands label, also home to Facit and short run reissues for US minimal wave heroes Cerebral Hemorrhage and Body Without Organs. It’s a pleasure to have Laurène present the second hour of alien synth selections.


nurse with wound – cooloorta moon
scream and dance – in rhythm
judy nylon and crucial – live in a lift
ut – mosquito botticelli
pelican daughters
eye – harvest heart
carla dal forno – db rip
dave ball – man in the man
electropulse – 4.7
andy rantzen – vala di korda
lydia tomkiw – strange candy
psychic tv – jigsaw
samo dj & maxxxbass – dream light
slugfuckers – dolphins are not fish/tell me who you are
pere ubu – blow daddy-o

**eye (waving hands) mix**

dj bert & eagle – i am your master
candidate – on the ice
die dominas – die wespendomina
unknownmix – django
selenite vox – untitled (unreleased)
stephen mallinder – cool down
ak47 – stop! dance!
claus comedi – les jardins de genève (unreleased)
mikan mukku – kan
eye – luscinia (unreleased)
lata ramasar – the greatest name that lives
x ray pop – corto maltese
argot – patrie
futuro antico – sinikorò kumà
eye – yellow density (unreleased)

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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