22/11/16 w/ Josh Cheon (Dark Entries)

22/11/16 w/ Josh Cheon (Dark Entries)

Have been chasing this one for a while. I thank Josh Cheon daily for making the unattainable available via Dark Entries. Over 7 years and 140+ titles, the underground electronic honoring imprint has reissued the likes of Big Ben Tribe, Tom Ellard, Fall of Saigon, Eleven Pond and the gay porn soundtracks of Patrick Cowley (released in co-operation with his queer party collective Honey Soundsystem). The quality reproductions are packaged with a certain fanzine dedication, combining never-seen-before photos, interviews, liner notes, posters and flexi discs. Miraculously issuing 3 records a month, November celebrated the twisted tension of Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis’ Cupol, a one-woman show by Greek electronic pioneer Lena Platonos and deep house anthems from Smersh.


a.c. marias – drop
carla dal forno – the same reply
pelican daughters
nausea – killing time
the horse he’s sick – larynx
african head charge – throw it away
muslimgauze – kurnel
tolouse low trax – hidden flat
coil – love’s secret domain (early instrumental)
paul haig – mad horses
algebra suicide – an explanation for that flock of crows
software seduction – new collision
eye – sabine

**josh cheon (dark entries) mix**

deux filles – our english friends
rich la bonté – white magician
eurythmics – le sinistre
east wall – twenty five sunsets before dawn
virna lindt – swedish modern
konstruktivits – karnal
diseño corbusier – mi propia vision
from nursery to misery – primitive lands
cupol – kluba cupol
pink industry – situation
eric random & the bedlamites – bedlam a go-go
tones on tail – when you’re smiling
nagamatzu – the sunlight home (passions organiques version)
kirlian camera – burial
lena platonos – hoping by shopping
die form – hand in hand
the arms of someone new – song for krista
philippe chany – lettre à monsieur le législateur (de la loi sur les stupéfiants)

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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