25/10/16 w/ András and Instant Peterson

25/10/16 w/ András and Instant Peterson

Having programmed the Efficient Space compilation Midnite Spares and a string of conceptual mixtapes including this outstanding set of modern Indigenous recordings, András and Instant Peterson share the latest findings of their probe into 90s/00s local house, rave and DnB. Fading unknowns join the more recognisable B(if)tek, Gerling, Ewan Jansen and Itch-E and Scratch-E alias Boo Boo and Mace, mixed with the duo’s signature audio grabs of larrikin commentary. 3AM Spares. In the opening hour, NIMH picks up where their compilation left off with more indie and wave leanings.

North Americans – András (aka House of Dad) is touring your continent for the first time this month, hitting Vancouver, New York, Toronto, Motreal, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Mexico City. Instant Peterson will man their weekly 3RRR FM radio show Strange Holiday alone in the meantime.


mk ultra and the assassins of light – please forgive me (submission mix)
xero – beirut
ya ya choral – waiting time
zerox dreamflesh – remain in dark
the plants – and no-one’s talking
pel mel – shipwrecked
the cannanes – cardboard
four gods – restless
lachelle – purple hearts
ironing music – don’t wish it away
he dark age – holding out for eden (thanks steele bonus)
severed heads – mambo fist miasma
microworld – grey melody
warp factor 9 – 5 days
sheriff lindo – new roots

**andrás and instant peterson mix**

airborne toxic event – i’m reading
atone – rat’s arse
booboo and mace – hejaz (gulp edit)
andy rantzen – come in, and shut the door
ewan jansen – c for urself
tetrphm – track 11
b(if)tek (featuring julee cruise) – wireless sounds (genievel remix)
castel – estrel
zen paradox – escape to the desert of singing statues
modified – deep fried
atone – easy
telemetry orchestra – big sunnies
gerling – phazer kidz in the windy city
steve law – misunderstanding in wan chai

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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