30/08/16 w/ Fantastic Man

30/08/16 w/ Fantastic Man

Bringing it back home with Berlin based Melburnian Fantastic Man aka Mic Newman. Newman is moments away from applying his Mind Lotion to Antinote, a home listening alias that will spread across an eight track LP. Alongside Francis Inferno Orchestra, he’s also behind the never disappointing Superconcious Records and it’s edit counterpart SUCO. Having already released AndrĂ¡s, Fantastic Man and SUCO’s latest instalment Bjorn This Way in 2016, there’s plenty on the horizon – some bedroom paranoia from Luis CL and a new batch of Francis Inferno Orchestra zingers.


ichiko hashimoto – le beau paysage
jonny nash – cristina and carolina
copeland and gast – sisters of control
scott young – homeless
ramzi – houti4aphex
microworld – hawaiian
sierra – voyage
mark seven – the fatal flaw in disco (u-4-ria mix)
konakov – cat song
samo dj & dj pedrodollar – rusty acid edit
playgroup – get down
jeremy hyman – new edition
jah shaka – african beat
mumbo jumbo – wind it up

**fantastic man mix**

wake up world (part II atmos answer)
mind lotion – my language
the orb – majestic
unknown unreleased track
eight ray – axis of love
half dead pulse
sombrero galaxy – the edge of space
fantastic man – acid martin
counting sheep

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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