27/09/16 w/ Capablanca

27/09/16 w/ Capablanca

While some record labels are flooding the market, Discos Capablanca is seemingly determined to only slip out the most crucial. In it’s 8 year span, the international network has issued a nominal 10 releases, connecting the dots between disco, kraut, mutant house and psychedelica with peak productions from Scott Young, Melvin Oliphant III and Beau Wanzer’s Mutant Beat Dance, Sharif Laffrey and Grackle, aka Willie Burns. Berlin-based Spaniard (Hugo) Capablanca is behind this curatorial vision – an undeniably charismatic individual who’s one hell of a DJ. After years of correspondence, he finally taped us this mind trip.


terry murphy – dwell
carla dal forno – what you gonna do now?
p’o – time and time
edward’s voice – falling (dub version)
wolf müller & cass – glade runner (tolouse low trax remix)
andy rantzen – will i dream
the chocolate grinders – people with leukaemia
dome – ba-dr
fingerprintz – wet job
laughing hands – fissures of men
exek – a hedonist
zru vogue – nakweda dream
the plants – something’s lurking
tim gruchy – jungles

**capablanca mix**

eric satie – petite ouverture à danser
interlude (agua y fuego)
j.g.wilkes – bathing beauty
muslimgauze – hammer & sickle
ypy – gazing beat
accidental recording
pitch – what am i gonna do for fun
dj nature – c.o.a.
ypy – rip 505
ghost vision
interlude (ondas)
odopt (forthcoming discos capablanca)
chris and cosey – cowboys in cuba
persona – água

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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