24/05/16 w/ Chris Bonato (Left Ear Records)

24/05/16 w/ Chris Bonato (Left Ear Records)

Left Ear Records has been ticking all the right boxes since their 2014 inception, replicating the finest moments from Trinidad and Tobago greats Brother Resistance and Andre Tanker, Malay-Aussie funk identity Leong Lau and ultra-rare ’79 jazz masters Thesda. The retrospective Australian imprint is also chiselling away at archives of Kansas City lunatic Starship Commander Wooooo Wooooo, Guyanese group Yoruba Singers and local oddball Peter Westheimer. Here we invite co-founder and hopeless record junkie Chris Bonato to select from his personal collection – most of which we’ve never heard of or will ever find.


the system – find it in your eyes
coste apetrea – hej dar
michael paul – reggae music (thanks ari)
kent jordan – no question about it
jocelyn mocka et kassav’ – mizik maladi
yoruba singers – black pepper
shahara-ja – i’m an arabian knight (extended funk mix)
poets of the machine – arabs
aldi discount edits – boo library edit
joe tossini and friends – wild dream
tornaado – seitse
shiny boots & krlow – join us!

**chris bonato (left ear records) mix**

jean-pierre boistel/tony kenneybrew – vas y peter
ramal lamarr – dance of the cobra queen
show la viny “brazil” – guarapari
dunn – believe
grupo control digital – panico geral
arpege melba – orthophonie
ezry amrany – ?
denny king – lobis-homem
the goggle men – enugu city
bahumutsi – manano wee!
dhaima – “sweat till your body’s wet”
minoru fushimi – shinzo-san
black youth inaction kids – good luck

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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