21/06/16 w/ Discodromo

21/06/16 w/ Discodromo

Discodromo are Giacomo Garavelloni and Giovanni Turco. Their productions trace back to the earlier years of Dissident and Internasjonal, before they launched CockTail d’Amore – the now legendary monthly Berlin gay party turned record label, run with Berghain resident DJ Boris. Having already released the likes of Lord of the Isles, Heatsick, Sfire and Jonathan Kusuma, CDA will soon see new 12″s from Komodo, The Violet Hour (Massimiliano Pagliara and Fort Romeau) and Powder, an album from Australia’s Kris Baha and their first venture into reissue territory – the most blissed out ambience from Russian multimedia artist Iury Lechs. I was naive enough to expect a heaving dance mix, only to be sent this beautifully crafted headphone listener.


coil – who’ll fall?
yoran – montparnasse
the cure – other voices
transmetteur 16 – in queen…marie (lelio y.c.)
front 242 – take one
bell towers – always down for you
andreuccio torelli – this not is to game
social climbers – chicken 80
die wilde jagd – jagd auf den hirsch
the tear garden – georgie (version 2)
raime – dead heat
alexis le-fan – sondrio
hype williams – the throning

**discodromo mix**

iury lech – barreras
powder – highly
fumio itabashi – ash
soft machine – carol ann
the time wasters – seventh wave
tamami koyake – you wanna rain
nu guinea – howls
francis the great – look up in the sky (negro nature)
nina simone – see-line woman (masters at work remix)

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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