07/06/16 w/ Luca Lozano

07/06/16 w/ Luca Lozano

This fortnight doubles as an Australian tour mix for Berlin-based all-rounder Luca Lozano. Singlehandedly keeping the pressing plants in business, Luca is a fire hot producer of future-past acid and rave, with some undeniably classic Mr Ho and Fett Burger collabs to his credit. He runs three labels – Klasse Recordings/Wrecks, the DMX Krew approved Zodiac 44 and graff writer cassette network Grafiti Tapes – and is responsible for your favourite flyers and label designs.

Swooping down to Hobart this Friday, he’ll also hit Sydney for a nearly sold out warehouse bump on Saturday 11 June, Melbourne’s Gasometer on Sunday 12 June and Perth pleasureplex Connections on Friday 17 June, before holding down Adelaide institution Sugar on Saturday 18 June.

Luca’s cryptic tracklist was accompanied by these words: “With this mix I wandered into the outback and got lost, through steamy rainforests and dusty settlements. ‘Lozt in Loztralia’ soundtracks my journey deep into the wilderness and back again….i hope you enjoy!”


tim jackiw – no destination
fantastic man – trance sexual
suburban knights – the art of stalking
j-zbel – zhf (poppers mix)
my nu sound
bell towers – i’m coming up
max 404 – may the force be with us!
globex – inversia 1a
states of mind – elements of tone (richie’s dream mix)
soofle – away

**luca lozano ‘lozt in loztralia’ mix**

didgeridoo flutro
japanese guy – recently re-released
warp artist – 1 of 3 mind songs
rainforest guy – dope flute!
cant even remember – nice beat tho’
south london guys – search out digi dub on the discogs
bleep guy – network records is one of my favourite labels EVER
choo choo guy – h
gotta be a chicago guy – put this in your earphones and get seduced
underground guy – one of two trax in this mix
bliss guy – another network slammer
duke guy – dont get many good promos, this one however….
underground guy – two of two trax in this mix
strick guy – favourite artist these days
some old guy – cant beat a classic
zero guy – nuff ‘spins’ from this track

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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