10/05/16 w/ Aufgang B

10/05/16 w/ Aufgang B

Introducing full analog machine unit Aufgang B, the duo of Cid Hohner and Neue Deutsche Welle/electronic disco authority spAceLex. Playing their first show last September at the latter’s Sameheads residency Club Cosmic, they’ve already gone on to record two vital 12″s – a split with Benedikt Fray on Serious Trouble and the inaugural Neubau release, which featured a slowmo remix from the master Tolouse Low Trax and now trades for sadistic prices on discogs. Together they recorded this rather twisted B2B!

On a side note, spAceLex’s label Mond Musik just announced a re-release of 1980 demented Dutch disco rarity DJ Bert & Eagle.


carla dal forno – fast moving cars
pelican daughters – bliss
pitch – what am i gonna do for fun (tolouse low trax remix)
garry bradbury – 4 legs
foot and mouth – i want my mommy
jimmy murakawa – down down (thanks eiji)
dsordne – centro d’erezione
zyx – hey you
mike finnkrieg – blank order
prod – a brick short
flaming tunes – breast stroke dub
this heat – twilight furniture
ihor cymbrows’kyj – come angel

**aufgang b mix**

geile elefanten
intro 7“ intro
diagonal echoes
sym a6
a außen
dina testbild
war song
tibetan bread
manual textarity
secret #1
s. nervous zukini
mc concepts bacios
torsten’s drugs

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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