26/04/16 w/ Dreems

26/04/16 w/ Dreems

Angus Gruzman has been an undeniable presence on the local circuit since the mid 00s, to the point that I’m frequently told stories of how this slightly batshit crazy DJ changed someone’s life. As Dreems, it seems like his hedonistic past has settled slightly, now more interested in mapping sleep patterns, endless psychedelic mantras and twisted world beat in the studio, while running the Multi Culti label with Montreal pal Thomas Von Party. Having already released the likes of Auntie Flo, Red Axes and Adelaide unknown Xanga, the label is on the cusp of dropping a massive box set that also includes Manfredas, Moscoman, Zsou, Zongamin, Kris Baha, Crowdpleaser, Nicola Cruz and more. Taped at Dreem’s dungeon just before his Berlin sabbatical, this show catches a few choice discs before they were boxed into storage. Prince passed the morning after, explaining the notable absence of a purple tribute.


black deer – will the cat cross our path tonight
mood hut – heaven 9
leo james – disconnect connect pt 1
paul haig – blue for you (version)
macdonald flack and the ack-ack pack – the cortina kidz
gerry & the holograms – gerry & the holograms (jd twitch edit)
tones on tail – now we lustre
xanga – this is the way it starts
crackboy – dreams of water
madato – make a chick
tom joyce – single seagull

**dreems mix**

replicast – polonium 210a
yello – tied up in red
mio mio
central – gratitude
pauli jylhankangas – lie low
jean-michel Jarre – revolutions
tones on tail – means of escape (blackstrobe edit)
mangiami edit
khidja remix
aquazul – slippy fingers
red axes – cockroach
jimi bazzouka – kebab
pizzy yelliott – could you be loved (mungolian Jetset 303 acid mix)
phillippo ransullo – gotse
shakarchi & straneus – abba-dubb
blludd relations

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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