12/04/16 w/ Eleventeen Eston

12/04/16 w/ Eleventeen Eston

The long awaited East Coast-West Coast exchange with Perth instrumentalist and champion rock skimmer Eleventeen Eston, aka John Tanner. Following releases on Not Not Fun and Aficionado, as well as the dancefloor incarnation Hugo Gerani for Perth homestead Good Company Records, Tanner has just teamed with A.R.T. Wilson for their esoteric sound world LP ’69’. The blissed out alliance, initially formed over a mutual appreciate for Errol Tout’s ‘Sounds of Swimming’, sprouts this week on Hamburg imprint Growing Bin. They’ve also just announced two live shows – 1 May in Melbourne and 8 May in Perth – with Jonny Nash joining both Sunday sessions. Billed as Eleventeen Eston, this ‘Continental Autumn Truth Mix’ covers all of Tanner’s split personalities.


wilson tanner – sun room
deux filles – horsebox parade
wilfred percussion – uri
laza ristovski i nenad jelic – rumba balcana
suso sáiz – tierra media
gareth williams and martin harrison – burning solidarity
moral code – backyard antena
pel mel – shipwrecked
a.c. marias – just talk
the united states of america – love song for the dead che
gary davenport – sarra
lake – gravel
once – joanna
steve hiett – blue beach – welcome to your beach
this mortal coil – meniscus/tears

**eleventeen eston – continental autumn truth mix**

400 blows – perspective 2
vox populi! – le nénuphare
stereo nova – m????????
don muro – want you to know
philippe brejean – openlife
kissing the pink – big man restless (original extended version)
hateful moments – drum breaks 1
tony esposito – controra
the durutti column – art and freight
andy summers & robert fripp – in the cloud forest
die partei – guten morgen in koln
andrás – gold coast (surfer’s paradise mix)
symbols & instruments – tear drops of yesterday
roxy music – tara
francis lai – fr3 generique
billy kaui – close to you
don walker – last stretch
interior – flamengo
ultramarine – lights in my brain
peter koppes – at the castle

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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