29/03/16 w/ Kenji Takimi

29/03/16 w/ Kenji Takimi

Earlier this month we were lucky enough to tour Crue-L Records boss and #1 chiller Kenji Takimi across Australia for the second time. Leaving a lasting impression everywhere he went, including a heroic set at Golden Plains, Kenji said farewell while slipping us this extended concept mix. Taped on the eve of the tour in his Shibuya basement studio, he delved deep into the disorganised chaos of his huge record collection with a session comprised entirely of Japanese artists from the 60s through to today. There’s a few label cameos from Crue-L Grand Orchestra, XTAL and Gonno, celebrated 80s cuts by Yasuaki Shimizu, Friends of Earth and Dip In The Pool, and dozens of knowledge gaps that will stump any Japanophile.


sugai ken – denden
vox populi! – kachalestan
the durutti column – favourite painting
this heat – sleep
broken english club – plastic bag
ryuichi sakamoto – the garden of poppies
imitation – tao, yao
mariah – soko kara…
pitch – what am i gonna do for fun
pale saints – porpoise
the cure – all cats are grey

**kenji takimi mix**

arakawa band – theme of yajyu shisubeshi
kenji sawada – ore to omae
hokuto sato – le silence
syoko – erewhon
ayuo takahashi – sounds of you
chinatsu kuzuu – elaine the fair
masashi kitamura plus phonogenix – the final autumn in asia
zeitlich vergelter – dimension
popsong’s factory – d’ameja
yura yura teikoku – hollow me (alternate version)
yasuaki shimizu – i’m dying for love
dip in the pool – hinamari
xtal and gonno – steps on the wind
asami kobayashi – amaoto wa chopin no shirabe
yukako hayase – sartre de nemurenai
kahimi karie – tiny king kong
ayumi ishida – hyouryuki
kazuhiko katoh – salty dog
m.p.s.b. – shake (aero mix)
tome asagami – yuwaku
f.o.e. – lunar gloom
monkey timers – plastiq (keita sano remix)
crue-l grand orchestra – still seventh heaven=cgo megamix (force of nature ikuzumix)
hiroshi, kudo feat dj milo – thumpin’
the flipper’s guitar – groove tube pt. 2
gastunk – geronimo
ryo takematsu – on doing evil dead blues (tomoki kanda re-edit)

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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