16/02/16 w/ Conrad Standish

16/02/16 w/ Conrad Standish

Melbourne artist and postman Conrad Standish delivers this fortnight’s guest mix. Conrad has a long history of making music, from opening for Nine Inch Nails in Switzerland with Devastations to broadcasting the final Standish/Carlyon show live-to-air on NTS as part of our 2014 Melbourne takeover. Since Standish/Carlyon’s demise he’s been working on CS + Kreme, a new project with Sam Karmel (F ingers) that exists somewhere between sophisticated new age and bonked Memphis rap instrumentals. Their debut EP is due any day now on Total Stasis (Aquarian Foundation, Ramzi), wreathed in artwork from Thomas Jeppe and Manuel Bürger. Watch the shop for copies.


koharu kisaragi – paraffin
pic paradis – unagi
aleksi perala – uk74r1515030
wilson tanner – dinner for two
the durutti column – estoril a noite
the durutti column – my only love
le masque – corpo di una donna
belver yin – dias de infancia (para adrián y gladys)
furniture – bullet
move – any move
the missing brazilians – meander
blam blam blam – respect
michal turtle – it’s a stop sign shirley!
the igniters – hakka suru
ras shorty i and his love circle – lamentations
c.memi – heavenly peace (unga no suimon akete)

**conrad standish (cs + kreme) mix**

toru takemitsu – moeru aki
benjamin lew – tori. pres de la soierie
chico freeman – kings of mali
general strike – my other body
photek – into the 90’s
group home – up against tha wall (getaway car mix)
michel redolfi – entree (immersion)
david hykes & the harmonic choir – ascending and descending
(clement freud gag)
pharaoh sanders – shukuru
jac berrocal – ornette
lifetones – good side
dj sotofett – drippin for ’97 mix

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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