05/01/16 w/ Anton Klint

05/01/16 w/ Anton Klint

Bringing in the new year with Swedish Public Possession affiliate Anton Klint. Starting out as part of Tiedye, Anton’s bent disco productions have been getting weirder and weirder across two solo EPs, channelling a singular style that can only be expected from the Bavarian hub’s roster. His latest productions ‘Efter Stängning’ and ‘Personalmöten’, covertly releasing on a Folk Disk 7″ last month, could be the peak of this madness. Here he gives us a new chapter of his all over the shop style, in preparation for an impending Australian tour announcement.


the new composers – sirens of titan
ballistic brothers – portobello cafe
albinos – ocean city
tolouse low trax – i’m a cliche edit service 65
camp inc. – the land (thanks jan shulte!)
colonel abrams – you got me running
japan blues – spurned my colour
eri ohno – skyfree
kosonen – miks’ tulet mun luo (jori hulkkonen remix)
andy nelson – bionic eyes
the system – almost grown
the cleaners from venus – corridor of dreams

**anton klint mix**

tryck & ton – sunday morning
py bäckman – se dagen vakna
prince – in love
takuya matsumoto – souvenir
thorsten last – let it out
2000black – make it hard
jex – studio e
all love – deep into the night (samo dj mix)

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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