27/10/15 w/ Empfanger

27/10/15 w/ Empfanger

Out from the sauna comes Swedish demented mongo EBM duo Empfänger, the life partnership of towLie and Sling. You might recognise towLie from her W.T. Records invasion on ‘DJ Muscle’, while Sling heads Born Free with ongoing collaborations with Samo. They’ve just released their second EP ‘Lost Tracks’, dragging you out to the woods with wiccan spells, unapologetic hard techno and druggy industrial beat of the highest order. Hopefully not the last Born Free record we see in 2015.


htrk – ha
copeland – smitten
boptronics – another life
lace curtain – nothing i wanna do
leo james – you’re not a machine part 2
akabu edits – raw dub
marie davidson – exces de vitesse
ike yard – loss (regis version)
sleep d – ?
cop envy – handle broker
psychick warriors ov gaia – intoxication
ausgang verboten – consumer
dance synthesis – electromance
rites wild – the luxury of position
lowflung – quietreakin outly

**empfanger (born free) mix**

dual action – body automatic (avian)
andy scott – signature (modern love)
karenn – summer (works the long nights)
frak – sepig (re-edit ver.) (börft records)
shinoby – t.s.g. (samo dj & tzusing remix) (istheway)
drvg cvltvre – year zero (gooiland elektro)
noblesse oblige – the great electrifier (sd records)
drvg cvltvre – hermes russia (viewlexx)
further reductions – beyond time (cititrax)
baris k – 200 (nation)
jaakko eino kalevi – she’s the line (sling & samo mix) (born free)
the gnocchi – yamato-city rockin’ down the house (moonlegs records)

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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