29/09/15 w/ Interstellar Funk

29/09/15 w/ Interstellar Funk

Interstellar Funk, aka Olf Van Elden, defuses our expectations of a 4×4 house set with this corkscrewed listener. Part of the young Rush Hour stable, I first clued onto Olf after one of the store’s staff members thankfully recommended his store only black label – a one sided record of mind melting proportions. From here it was a slippery slope with the Robert Bergman duo Faster Action and Tape Records, his platform for other Dutch artists including Mark Du Mosch, Haron and Deneiro. All round quality.


emile – a1
dj spider + marshallito – nuclear winter
dan white – just a beat
daze – longhorn
dmx krew – beguiling
bulb – light it up
unknown artist – dream vision
shed – up the hills
gavin russom – all souls (nyc mix)
single gun theory – open the skies (extended remix)

**interstellar funk mix**

jun miyake – third eye
streetmark – dreams
33.10.3402 – syg
african with mainframes – vibrations from the serengeti ii
richard h. kirk – never lose your shadow
tom ellard – anthem 82
dominik von senger – track of sample
you – sampling dance (Edit)
the residents – kaw liga
momo – high voltage re-enactment
the sisters of mercy – phantom
interstellar funk – unreleased
beau wanzer – f. u. klaxon
in trance – presidente
daf – brothers
mecanica popular – baku 1922
furniture – bullet

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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