01/09/15 w/ Lena Willikens

01/09/15 w/ Lena Willikens

A bewitching transmission from one of our heroes that will pull you right through the speakers. Cologne’s Lena Willikens is part of the Cómeme family, marking her recorded debut with this year’s Phantom Delia, an outstanding six track collection of pitched down EBM, droning house and contorted mechanics. A selector with immaculate taste, Lena is also one of the special souls that make Salon Des Amateurs a club utopia, alongside residents Tolouse Low Trax, Vladimir Ivkovic and Jan Schulte. Once you wear this out, there’s 27 hours of her dark and informative show Sentimental Flashback waiting for you over at Radio Cómeme.


ron morelli – cross waters
beatrice dillon – face a
helena hauff – sworn to secrecy part ii
figure study – lesson one
severed heads – all saints day (saints day dub)
die form – fear of the bloody night
mind mmm 004
lena plantonos – a physical exercise unresolved
powell – energy (feat. jonny)
mag and suspects – erection
informatics the great x-1
modern jazz – radio scream
the neon judgement – the fashion party
liquid g – liquidation

**lena willikens mix**

carlos peron – nothing is true
two dogs in a house – sequence 3
weber – dr. clapper
aufgang b – demo 2
emmanuel top – la pipe a eau
a thunder orchestra – shall i do it
karamika – ton 6
feeders – milk & cookies
benedikt frey – mind the gap
broken english club – plastic bag
borusiade – jeopardy
33.10.3402 – p-tok
tolouse low trax – awake
interim – mobutu
golden teacher – no hemos vivido
zyx – trust no woman

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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