21/07/15 w/ Dan White

21/07/15 w/ Dan White

Dan White has been infiltrating our recent shows left, right and centre. From hearing the prolific Black Rock creator’s existing works and forthcoming EPs on Butter Sessions, Cult Trip and NIMH Records, its clear that he can do anything he sets his mind to, from drilling jungle to low slung techno and smoked out digi-dub. This year has already seen the release of ‘Erosion’, four purposeful meditations recorded under his glorious ambient alter-ego Rings Around Saturn, as well as a split Dan White 12″ with Khotin of 1080p fame on Canadian label Normals Welcome. He also just announced the arrival of his own imprint Rhythm Works, christened with a CD of more challenging Rings experiments. Suburban boredom definitely has its perks.


this mortal coil – barramundi
yo la tengo – green arrow
die hornissen – pale blue eyes
weekend – nostalgia (demo)
tester housing – into you
the limp – pony club
second layer – skylon
nexda – untitled
bataille solaire – cloches
pecker – kechoppu
savant – facility
deadly headley – liberty city dub
nutcase & papachubba – u do

**dan white mix**

jon hassel – chor moirĂ©
mark lord – riding high
od/mb – eau-de-vie
beatrice dillion – carrier and mask
lumigraph – spaceblunts
teresa winter – not even
5 gate temple – palm whine
benjamin keynes – overdub
mix mup – de balkons
tapes – skankless tascam
wackies rhythm force – addis ababa dub
dan white – ???
mix mup – plastic bag
rings around saturn – portion 22 alt mix

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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