07/07/15 w/ Lucy Cliche

07/07/15 w/ Lucy Cliche

I first encountered Lucy Phelan on my earliest trips to Sydney when she was involved in all ages collective Chooch-A-Bahn, an inspiring initiative that brought together a generation of DIY musicians and encouraged more. Since then she’s been part of longstanding no wave duo Naked On The Vague, murky girl group Knitted Abyss and extraterrestrial drone project Half High, and now operates solo as Lucy Cliche. After stealing the show at our Steve Summers party, I proposed a release of her wavey techno on NIMH Records, with Drain Down dropping months later. Here she is recorded at her best, live at the Melbourne EP launch alongside DJ Jonnine Standish (HTRK), Lobster Theremin’s Daze, the debut performance of Nicky Crane, Myles Mac and myself. Drain Down is still available on vinyl through Juno, Rush Hour and Lighthouse, and also digitally via Juno Download.


dean blunt – xdub
chandra – kate
sonic youth – i don’t want to push it
second layer – definition of honour
the rattler proxy – mr. sham (timothy j. fairplay do the dead walk? remix)
musumeci – harry batasuna (an-i edit)
prostitutes – late to take it light
powell – club music (ancient methods ‘körpersäure91’ mix)
glyn – caught on (in a flash)
i-f – superman (live at de bruine planeet)
villa åbo – warming up signal
the persuader – transform human
peverelist & asusu – surge (mmm remix)
die form
alessandro parisi – calamitas calamitatum

**lucy cliche – live at boney 02/05/15**

passing time
true ego
shallow shadow

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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