23/06/15 w/ Wolf Müller

23/06/15 w/ Wolf Müller

Jan Schulte was one of the locals that regrettably escaped the net of our Düsseldorf pilgrimage in April (shout outs to master selector Vladimir Ivkovic, Tolouse Low Trax, Musiccargo’s Gordon Puhl, BAR and Arne Bunjes of Themes For Great Cities). You might be familiar with this Salon des Amateurs resident, Jose Padilla collaborator and Jew’s Harp expert through his solo production aliases Wolf Müller and Bufiman, or his duo Montezumas Rache. Here we get to know his Wolf Müller alter-ego, one that draws heavy influence on world music and percussion, with a weaving of weird drums. We’re hoping the recordings of his Young Wolf teaming with Young Marco soon see the light of day.


plaza hotel – schön sein in uniform
indirect – waltz
tolouse low trax – jeidem fall (wolf müller mix)
ramirez – orgasmico (jose manuel revisited)
african chique (abel edit)
claudettee et ti pierre – zanmi camarade
julien babinga – mbongui-percussions
blekbala mujik – mibala yubala
powder – spray
domenique dumont – la basse et les shakers
véronique vincent & aksak maboul – je pleure tout le temps (burnt friedman remix)

**wolf müller mix**

marc chantereau – les insects
brodmann/pausch – ballade für lore henna
stalo & kauras – ritz
sammy burdson – disco cola
al sigmund – jungle night
sammy burdson – action three
waka wakah – waka wakah
codona 2 – malinye
luis agudo – vem daqui pra la
kahil el’zabar – sunrise serenade
tupac amaru – awake to the rhythm
drumpact – paradigma
yogo pausch – besenstil
takeshi inomata – the dialogue with flute
total art of percussion – bata y rumba-guaguanco
drumpact – male e babdue
luis agudo – afrorera despedida

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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