25/05/15 w/ Robert Bergman

25/05/15 w/ Robert Bergman

A postcard from the great city. Hailing from Amsterdam, Robert Bergman makes scuzzy dissonant machine music as Wargames. Raw shit not for the faint of heart, these are issued anonymously on 7″ and 12″ in DIY stamped black card. He’s also responsible for the Faster Action 12″ recorded with Rush Hour store co-worker Interstellar Funk – again more under the radar rhythm tracks void of any credit. While Robert doesn’t trade heavily on his name, he’s quickly becoming an important figure in an already denominating local scene. He slapped together this mix of big favourites 24 hours after receiving the call.


nux memo – the mysterie
tolouse low trax – kadiz
dsordne – delitto e passione
belver yin Рpor una no clara razón
eric random and the bedlamites – subliminal seduction
elite athlete – pagan conjurer
interr-ference – the man who won’t come back (unreleased vox version)
moebius & beerbohm – doppelschnitt
robert hood – analog track (ghost)
snow bone – protoplanetary
mbm – lenny

**robert bergman (wargames) mix**

dee nasty
dj slugbug
night moves
das ding (shout out!)
ruichi sakamoto
a black man, a black man and another black man
jah joe
vam cyborg
new age dance
chiwoniso maraire & jacom mafuleni
the supreme jubilees

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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