12/05/15 w/ Daze

12/05/15 w/ Daze

Daze returns to NTS after annihilating the stream with his two hour takeover in March. Hailing from Ballarat, an Australian town hardly synonymous with house and techno, Daze affirms that some of the best imaginations come from remote parts. Rolling with the Lobster Theremin imprint, his most recent EP ‘Neuromance’ collects rave cuts, neck snapping breakbeat and a reluctant walk to the gallows, soon to be followed by a nasty black label. Here he jumps between bleak worlds, flexing unreleased material from his international crew – Person of Interest, Dan White, Ozel A.B., Moodcut and more.


jordan gcz – lushlyfe birds
rhythmic theory – shores of caladan
divided – merhige
dj spider & franklin de costa – slithis
intersteller funk – untitled
dario zenker – healin
the age of love – the age of love (new age mix)
dj octopus – cycling
sleep d – bud dub
ekman – i am not a turing machine, you are
charles hayward – postcode scam

**daze mix**

moodcut – heart beat takeaway *
ozel a.b – hogtown *
daze – 1.4*
j. albert – m15 (ivy mix)*
hupnosaurus – muru (bookworms rmx) *
raw m.t – untitled 02 (florian kupfer rmx)*
luis c.l – bang
person of interest – 009 *
o. xander – lovers theme
ozel a.b – stoosh 95 *
dan white – untitled jam *
imre kiss – never *
daze – 2.5 *

* = unreleased

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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