28/04/15 w/ Auntie Flo

28/04/15 w/ Auntie Flo

Welcoming back another of the Huntleys + Palmers crew after last month’s ear opener from Mehmet Aslan. Auntie Flo is the alias of Glaswegian Brian D’Souza who’s been immersed in his trippy hybrid of electronic and world influences. Having founded the Highlife club night and record label, Brian’s most recent work, the Highlife World Series, has seen him and regular partner in crime Esa Williams travel to Cuba, Kenya and Uganda to produce tracks with local musicians. The first instalment, Cuba, is out now and features an epic 13 minute rhumba with Cuban vocalist Eric Alejandro. All proceeds from this great initiative go back to the respective countries to fund further musical projects. Brian’s mix was compiled in anticipation of Record Store Day, using records sourced from different independent stores around the world. His jetsetting continues with a late May Australian tour. Check the flyer below for details.


tapes & dj sotofett – topp tonn*
culture beat – (cherry lips) der erdbeermund
mix mup – 1e*
(c) – 1nce upon a time
instant music – my boy
starlight – picnic
rob – loose up yourself
african head charge – stebenis theme
dj sotofett – nondo
morenas – hazme soñar (cutmaster g techno trip mix)
anima manna – corps of discovery
17 pygmies – tropical grasslands
irakere – irakere
luna set – you got in my way
the fates – beats in my heart

**auntie flo – record stores mix**

toure kunda – ne nam i (elch records, basel)
francis bebey – forest nativity (kristina records, london)
mamman sani – ya bismillah (phonopolis, montreal)
cylob – rewind! (rad, glasgow)
vikram – vikram (highlife, glasgow)
electrick dragon – davourite (slabs of the tabernacle, glasgow)
unknown – timento (phonica, london)
kylie minogue – slow (fopp, glasgow)
stinkworx – coelacanth (syncom data nerine remix) (clone, amsterdam)
dee-lite – what is love? (mixed up records, glasgow)
dj clock – dnb beat (mabu vinyl, cape town)
yacoub – da na ma (manoo remix) (flea market, lilongwe)
iueke – tape 4.2 (villette sonique record stall, paris)
tmn – tmn (underground solushun, edinburgh)
moondog – gloving it (honest jons, london)
kpyzo3op – nechr-penoptax (charity shop, tallinn)
george theodorakis – the lottery (secret sounds, athens)

*nick amezdroz/jazzy woman cut live at ching-a-lings

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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