03/04/15 w/ Conrad McDonnell (Idjut Boys)

03/04/15 w/ Conrad McDonnell (Idjut Boys)

Back in the NTS Dalston studios for a 4th birthday warmup and finally ticking off the ultimate guest list with a live mix from Idjut Boys‘ Conrad McDonnell. I’ve been trying to get Conrad on the show since we did Pelvis together in 2013, a memorable night where he possessed the mixer and made the likes of Booka Shade and Chicken Lips sound extraterrestrial. 20 years of producing, DJing and label running, he delivers for the radio with these sideways selections and potent baked goods. Shout outs to fellow Idjut Dan Tyler who’s since relocated to Oslo.


ben tankard – eden celebration
hiroyuki namba – who done it (part 2)
masumi hara – kiminoyume
no more – suicide commando
karen marks – cold café
cleaners from venus – tukani (monday is grey)
RAP – peckingham palace
arvo – bikini
jaye williams – let me be the one
andras fox & route 8 – MC-307 meditations (demo)
coldcut – chaos thing
louis cl – sick

**conrad mcdonnell (idjut boys) mix**

led zeppelin – in the light
moonchild – out of my mind
jack & juke – 8th wonder
paqua – the visitor
chaka khan – ain’t nobody
the moods – sexy song
the edge – captive
black – spanner
rare earth – i’m losing you
jana – niana
unknown – let it go
rush – making memories
baker gurvitz army – dancing the night awau
bryan ferry – avonmore (idgut boys remix)
sergio – circle smash

philippe chany – cairo connections


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