03/03/15 w/ Benedikt Frey

03/03/15 w/ Benedikt Frey

Benedikt Frey’s menacing sound emerges from the Darmstadt winter fog. With EPs on Live At Robert Johnson, Mule and his own Love Pain Sunshine & Rain imprint, he’s been buried in the studio working on multiple collaborative projects that lurk within – slow mo murmurs with Chris Cox, surreal electro from VTOTHED (pronounced ‘v-to-the-d’) and INIT’s noir electro-pop duo. Prepare yourselves for a constant stream of top notch releases this year. I actually locked onto Benedikt via his cheeky Serious Trouble edits which made lunch out of the likes of De La Soul and Biggie Smalls. This artist can’t be pigeonholed.


yam yam – goa boa
shoc corridor – khartoum
the gnocchi – hard and wet
low profile – heartbeat
viola renea – chariot of palace
king kong paradise – fujiyamawave
mutant beat dance – stress
max + mara – unseen
severed heads – lamborghini
c.memi – hitojichi
siouxsie and the banshees – we fall
helena hauff – the first time he thought, he died
flat static – your stinger away from me
lena willikens – nilpferd

**benedikt frey mix**

solid space – destination moon
benedikt frey & chris cox – scale
robedoor – afterburners
david lynch – the ballad of hollis brown
steve reich – it’s gonna rain, part ii
conrad schnitzler – coca
dean blunt and inga copeland – 9
dj krush – le temps

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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