03/02/15 w/ Khidja

03/02/15 w/ Khidja

NIMH finally reaches Romania with Bucharest’s Khidja, a duo whose identifiable take on Eastern-tinged dubby electronics has infiltrated others’ mixtapes on mass. Active DJs in their hometown, they made a remarkable entry into production reworking Baris K’s opus ‘200’, before backing it up with an immense [Emotional] Especial EP of originals and remixes by Timothy J Fairplay and Juju & Jordash. Last month they revealed their daylight movements with ‘Looki’, a piece of mystifying optimism for Love On The Rocks. Exceeding my already high expectations, this mix charts free jazz, post-punk and cerebral house with a bit of attitude.


rings around saturn – gypsy village
inoue shirabe – you don’t know my lightcycle
diskoking burnhart mckoolski – talking about rhythm
r. d. burman – dil lena khel hai dildar ka (lovefingers edit)
jeancy – u turn me on
jamie paton – time nearly time
obsessed (bell towers edit)
die form – automatic death
hip up – nikukan arbeit news
elite athlete – californian rites (dan white remix)
legowelt – uttu050

**khidja mix**

c&k vocal (khidja edit)
pylon – danger (khidja version)
shrieckback – accretions
david van tieghem – remote viewing
andrew poppy – the amusement
mind fair – c.e.r.e.m.o.n.y. (velvet season and the hearts of gold remix)
man jumping – down the locale
durian bros – offenporig
mark ernestus vs konono no1 – masikulu dub
objekt – the stitch up
khidja – looki (africaine 808 remix)
ana helder – track con flute
laguna ladies – egyptian bag
plus instruments – love is enough (richard sen remix unreleased)
and the mamluks – behne
sauveur mallia – african break
suzanne kraft – theoretically dope

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

Just announced! Diego Herrera returns to Sydney. You’ll be telling your kids about this one day. At the ripe age of 23, this prolific LA-based young gun hasn’t even put a dent in his prime with a flood of expansive electronics under his frequent Suzanne Kraft moniker, Dude Energy, his band Pharaohs & the collaborative studio projects Odd Numbers & Blasé. Having released records on Noise In My Head & Animals Dancing as well as remixing Retiree, Fantastic Man & Canyons, Herrera has shown full support for our burgeoning scene. Time to reciprocate.

Suzanne Kraft will be joined by special international guests TBA. Limited $15+BF early birds are available at the shop.

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