06/01/15 w/ Pender Street Steppers

06/01/15 w/ Pender Street Steppers

As recording artists, DJs and two sevenths of the Mood Hut label collective, Vancouver’s Pender Street Steppers have been winning us over with their stoned street soul and infinity pool dips. We recently invited Jack J and Liam Butler over to mellow out in the sunroom and follow-up on last year’s mix. What followed was an on the fly B2B with plenty of unreleased label plays. We ended up getting stuck in a time vortex, so what aired on NTS was actually an edited version. This here is the full length session. The Steppers have two more Australian shows before returning to British Columbia – playing Heavenly Turns Two in Sydney on Saturday, followed by a free day party at Melbourne’s Section 8 on Sunday. Don’t regret it.


the durutti column – grace
diane marsh – private party (instrumental mix)
nasty mix*
jupirwey (mix o)*
sully – the simple things (michael ozone remix)
wally badarou – back to scales tonight*
house of doors*
j.a.m. – world peace (club mix)
persian – your eyes*
jex opolis – naturalmente*
andre lavonne – attitude
antonie rocky horror – machine gun boogie*
sybil – let yourself go*
ago – let’s fun*
papertiger and the catcammer orchestra – in the disko
zig zag – disco danser*
change – the glow of love*
braden schlager – morning (rummage mix)
karma – high priestess*
lnrdcroy – aquabus ii (plaza of nations dub)*
infinite loops – design principles
trance yo lie – cosa c’e’ sotto*
florist – marine drive*
dream visions*
natural experience feat. terry – feels so good
cloudface – prescient quiver*
chagrin d’amour – cia katmandou
rachel sweet – it’s so different here*
slow riffs – jacob’s ladder*

*pender street steppers selection


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