16/12/14 w/ Syracuse

16/12/14 w/ Syracuse

It always amazes me how one thing leads to another. Last year, Tokyo based Frenchman Qpchan contributed his first ever solo mix. I’d come across him via the youtube channel which he ran with Raphael Top Secret, another French collector who was introduced to me by Jamie Tiller. Qpchan’s session was not only a bold surge into the mixtape trade, but it also included a cut from current Parisian duo Syracuse. Intrigued, I hunted down an EP that knocked me senseless, before flipping over the cover to note the Antinote logo. Soon enough I was fully immersed in the label’s catalogue, discovering Nico Motte, Albinos and Iueke, while camping out for more Syracuse material. Whether it be the sound of cosmic libraries, throbbing electronics, astral folk or psychedelic dub, Syracuse absolutely nail it. I finally met Isabelle and Antoine while in Paris in June and was relieved to find that their character matched their good taste. They recently turned in this levitating mix, stoking anticipation for a 2015 album.


howie b & hubert noi – countdown
bobby lyle – making love
djground feat. mayuko – vodun
dz lectric & anthon shield – eurasienne
denial – california dreaming
femminielli – o sodoma
surprize – in movimiento
garnegy et maties – motorbikes circus
john s hall & kramer – hide the knives
c.memi – ishin-denshin
dabo – labyrinth garden
imitation – no talk back talk
brenda ray – hearts entwine
jah larry ft. willie lindo – midnight
robert williams – i believe you’re the one
dean blunt – the redeemer
propaganda – valley of the machine gods

**syracuse ‘les souvenirs d’un parfum, l’ivresse du jasmin’ mix**

isabelle chose to introduce the mix with an anonymous ‘ghazal’ (persian love poem), translated from french to english…


The moon turns blue and in the shade, Zeineh is dreaming.
Kneeling down on the edge of a clear creek, a jasmine flower on her lips, her soul full of love.
Every beat of her heart is calling the name of her beloved one and the song of the water echoes.
Zeineh is smiling, the jasmine flower pulses.
Time passes. The garden gets bluer.
The moon has left the palm tree leaves and has slipped behind the hill ;
A nightingale is singing ; his enamored notes are heard one by one in the night that listens.
Zeineh is looking up and she’s smiling.
But the jasmine flower has ran off her lips and fell into the creek where the moon doesn’t shine anymore.
Zeineh is shivering. Her eyes are looking for the petals on the run of the river.
But the current has taken away the jasmine flower and over there, the melancholic frog seems to cry a fainted joy.
The jasmine flower is far away now ; it perfumes the flowing water.
In Zeineh’s heart there’s nothing left, except the perfume memories.

brahmagupta’s dots – underneath numbers
sunrise – whispers
main theme – i wanna make love to that song
let’s have a swim – together
sweet mirage – i imagine you endlessly
it’s snowing – over the city of date palms
snake charmer – count to five and say “love”
it’s 04:04am – undercover of night
timeless isle – oasis in the desert
tidal – sand waves
revok venos – living deads
every wall – is a door / antinote
solar battle – in french / mind records
melancholic – dance obsession

[Download Part One]
[Download Part Two]

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